About Me

I have to tell you when I started out with doTerra I knew nothing about Essential Oils. I had heard a bit about them throughout my lifetime and had seen them of course, but in all truth I never used them. So once I started learning about this incredible product I was totally impressed. I had already been searching for different and natural ways to treat my illnesses. So tired of dealing with all the medications and side effects of the medications that I started looking for different options. And then I was introduced to this wonderful 100% natural product.

So I went to Arizona and meant with my team. It was incredible how they came to my location and all the hotels where I was while in Arizona. See I was actually in Arizona on other business and my immediate team each one of them came to see me at each place and every chance possible.

For more then one reason! See first each one wanted to make sure I was a right fit and also to meet with me and to help educate me with the product. I have to admit they are the best team ever. I am so blessed to be in a team that is caring and loving but most importantly knows the Lord. So for each of us that is very helpful. And the reason why is because that means we have a heart to help others. We want to help others to know how to feel better naturally with out using all these synthetic medications with all their side effects. So not only is my team outstanding but I have found a product that works wonders on me and for so many others. I have to say I am in love. I just can’t get enough.

If you wan’t a chance to learn about this incredible product and learn how to heal yourself and your family from many ailments for pennies, then call me @ 503-752-2907 I offer classes all the time to teach you and show you all about these Essential Oils.

I look forward to hearing from you and helping you learn about these oils like I have….