Following up: History of Essential Oils and What’s New In 20th Century!



doterra multiple bottlesNow as we move into the 20th Century we have seen the Essential Oils become more and more important to a great deal or number of individuals. Most people are tired of using synthetic medications that have so many side effects that they so scared to take the medication in fear of the side effects or the medication gets pulled off the shelf after the FDA has approved it safe due to complications and death. So why not go for an all natural pure oil that has No Side Effects and will help you out even better than any synthetic medication that is manufactured and then ok by the FDA just to be turned around and told it’s bad for us in months to come.

But there are a few things you have to know about these Essential Oils before consuming or using any. I myself was not aware of this information when I was starting out in the Essential Oils world. See most Essential Oils only have to be 12% pure to say that they are 100% pure. Then they can also be filled with synthetic fillers. This is not good for anyone. This is why you have to know who and where you are getting your product from. For example: doTerra Essential Oils has a Third Party who checks all of our oils and if it is not up to code at a true 100% pure then they are not used. doTerra does not sale or send out any synthetic oils. They are a trusted company! Yes, I am a doTerra Essential Oils Advocate and do prefer them, but I also would say that Young Living would also be another safe one to purchase from. I am sure there are others but you really need to do your research. And purchasing from websites even when they have these brands on them is not safe. People can easily take old bottles and fill them and put new lids on them. So please remember that when purchasing.

Another thing you will need to know when purchasing oils is that you will get what you pay for when you purchase. Remember 1 drop of doTerra Peppermint will make 28 cups of tea. You will not find that with other brands. I have done the experiment myself and it’s very true. So 1 drop goes a long way! And remember you want to use a carrier oil like Coconut Oil to help it go further or the one drop will soak into your skin so fast. With the carrier oil it will help spread it. Also with doTerra most all our products are congestible. This is why you find with doTerra we have so many vitamins and other products that help in so many different areas.

You will also find that Aromatherapy is very much in big use these days. It is doing more than just smelling good for people. This way of congesting the oils is helping individuals in all ways from Anxiety, ADH, Sleeping, Bronchitis, Colds/Flu and much more.

But the main one that has been the closest to my heart is Cancer cure with the oils. This has been amazing. doTerra has created a supplement that actually kills Cancer Cells and I believe everyone in the world should be on this supplement. I use it as a precaucion, but my mother has Cancer and they gave her 6 months and she has now been on these pills for over a year and the tumor has shrunk and she is doing great. Of course her Dr. doesn’t get it, but she has no clue that I am treating her either. Of course I also make her capsules with other oils that are for her lung cancer and give her a spine massage with oils once a week with oils, but they are curing her and doing what the Book of Genesis promises. In that book it says we will be given every plant on earth to cure us. Funny thing is the Frankincense and Mrye are the two main ones that cure.  The main two given to Jesus.

So now you know what’s going on in the 20th Century!

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