GIA Wellness Water – i-H2O Activation System & Cancer

Cancer and Water Consumption

As I explained to all of you in an earlier article about the importance of watching the series on YouTube called “The Truth about Cancer Quest 1-9”  for the purpose of treating Cancer. Well I am now going to go a bit deeper into the reason behind the water on the show and what is does and actually what it has done for me.

Introducing the patented i-H2O Activation System – the most profound hydration technology available today. During the automated i-H2O Activation process, the chaotic structure of water molecules is transformed into a single-file alignment, creating an ultra-hydrating super liquid.*

As seen in “The Truth About Cancer” Documentary!

The technology powering the GIA i-H2O Activation System (“MRET-Water”) was recently featured in a highly popular documentary called “The Truth About Cancer”. Please watch the below video clip from this documentary and find out why the MRET-activated GIA i-H2O System has become a global must-have wellness solution:

Product Overview

Drinking Water Doesn’t Equal Hydration

Just like our precious planet, our body consists of more than 70% water. We spend billions on bottled water each year, we are drinking more water than ever, and yet 75% of the world’s population is chronically dehydrated. Why? Research confirms that the molecules of most of the water we consume daily are aligned in a chaotic, large-clustered manner. That makes it extremely difficult for our body to absorb and optimally hydrate, ultimately leading to unintentional, yet chronic dehydration.

Being dehydrated isn’t just feeling thirsty!

Research has shown that millions of people are experiencing the following symptoms as a direct result of dehydration: Uneven skin tone, Premature onset of wrinkles, Anxiety and/or Depression, Headaches, Joint pain, Excess Weight, Sleeplessness, Lack of focus and Fatigue

Breakthrough Water Discoveries

In the last decade, three groundbreaking scientific findings have proven why the alignment of the molecules in the water you drink is essential for your health and longevity:

Linear aligned water molecules


1. When we are born, the water molecules in our cells are aligned in a single-file. Our young body even converts               any water we drink into that necessary single-file structure

   Clustered water molecules

   2. As we age, our body’s ability to convert water into the single-file alignment dramatically decreases. Our body’s            hydration becomes increasingly compromised

   linear aligned molecules entering a human cell through aquapourins

  3. Nobel Prize winning research from the early 2000’s has proven that in order for water to be optimally effective in       the body, the water molecules must be aligned in a single-file structure

The Power of SFA in Action

Discover why GIA’s patented Single File Alignment (SFA) Technology unlocks the secret to unparalleled hydration inside and out!

How does the GIA i-H2O Activation System work?

Enjoy this short, fun, animated video to find out how!


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Patented & Proven Science

The many benefits of the patented i-H2O have been scientifically validated by respected laboratories from around the world. Research findings regarding i-H2O have been highlighted in multiple science publications, as well as presented at more than a dozen international Science and Health Conferences.*

Now that you have the science behind all of the water and how it all comes together let me tell you what I have seen in the few months that I have been drinking it.

  1. I have way more energy than I have had in years. Granted my Essential Oils give me the energy, but this water helps me to have the extra get up and go that makes me keep going all day long and all night long.
  2. I am always being told by people that I see that I look great and that my complexion is amazing. They keep asking me what I am doing different? It has taken me a bit to figure out but it’s the water that has made the difference in the last few months. I was even a bit shocked when I first put it together myself.
  3. I no longer have issues being bound up going to the bathroom. I go regular now and it’s wonderful. I have never in my life done such a thing and I have to say it’s amazing not to feel bloated and uneasy.
  4. It has literally cleansed my body of the junk that was hanging around inside, especially when I add the doTerra Lemon Essential Oil to the combination. What a difference in the way I feel and look.
  5. It’s also helping to make sure I am getting the amount of water into my cells that I actually need. See by the time we are 50 we no longer get the amount of necessary and now I know I am getting 100% water into my cells and my brain helping me to maintain from diseases along with other minerals going into my body that I do not get any other way.
  6. My Mother also takes this water for her Cancer and it has helped her for her treatment and with giving her energy and as they call it (chemo brain) loss of memory.  She was the main reason I purchased the system and found out later that I have benefited greatly from drinking it. Now I have to tell all of you that I litterly drink more water than I ever have in my life. I actually crave it. I no longer drink soda and am for the most part grabbing only for the water or coffee.

In closing I just want to let you know that this product is one that I endorse 100% to each and everyone who ever want’s to try it. Please if you need help or a contact or more information feel free to contact me and I can get you to the correct people. This is amazing for helping with Alzheimer disease because it puts that water to the brain that most are lacking as they grow older.  So remember, I am only a click away.

God Bless Everyone!

Victoria Hudgens

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