Lice Repelled by Clove Oil – Are your children ready to return to school?




The odor of Clove essential oil was found to repel the human body louse Pediculus humanus corporis in a nonclinical, experimental study (February 2016). When placed in a petri dish with 50 microliters of Clove oil concentrated in one spot, the lice avoided the spot with the Clove oil. They further found that two components of Clove oil, eugenol and beta-caryophyllene, acted synergistically to repel the lice. The repellency of eugenol and beta-caryophyllene was much greater when the chemicals were used together instead of separately. Knowing that lice dislike the smell of Clove somehow makes one love Clove more.

For so many years different pesticides and chemicals have been used to try and kill these critters. And yes it worked for a long length of time.  But it also cause so issues along the way with us humans. See the chemicals and pesticides have done nothing but hurt us both physically and eternally.   That’s why so many of us have turned to using natural products. Not only are they better for our health, but they are working to kill the louse. When we are using natural 100% Essential Oils we can be confident that we are not going to walk away with any type of problem such as cancer or breathing issue or any other issue that pesticides leave behind. We just don’t have that type of problem with the oils. So when you fight back with the earths own remedies and watch how well it works the reaction is amazing.

So be prepared for the school year. Make sure you have the product on hand if those darn lice show up on one of your children after a long busy day. Believe me the two oils listed are way more cost effective and last a lot longer then any pesticide you have ever bought before or would ever buy now for this type of issue. You would literally get many uses out of these two oils. Feel Free to contact me for help getting your hands on these two wonderful oils.

And most of all good luck with the new school year.  We are off and running once again…

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