Lung Cancer & Essential Oils For Treatment

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I have been away from my web site for sometime now. In fact it’s been almost a year. See my mother was diagnosed with Stage IV Lung Cancer (Adenocarcinoma) last June.  I was devastated to say the least.  I am the middle daughter and also my mothers POA – (Power of Attorney) and also make all her medical decisions when or if there comes a need. But for now I do handle and talk with all the doctors and schedule all appointments and medications.  So with that being said this past year has been a bit overwhelming for me.

So as you may have figured out by my posts I am a big believer into doTerra Essential Oils. So when the news came of my Mother having this horrible devastating disease I knew a way to overcome it. But I first put a great deal of research into this before just jumping right into something that was so precious to my heart. See my mother is my not only my mom, but she is my very best friend in the world. So I had to do all possible to keep her here with me as long as possible.

So last June my mother turned 79 years old on June 25th and this year she will be turning 80. So awesome to say that she is going strong and up and still doing everything that she was before she was diagnosed with the exception of a couple of items. Such as mowing the lawn and lifting as much as she use to and I will explain why in a moment.

So after the shock ware off I research the following and had my mother do the same. This I would recommend to anyone not only with Cancer but who has a thrive to live longer in general in this world. We watched the following on YouTube: “The Truth About Cancer Quest 1-9”  Now this will take 7 hours to watch completely. But I guarantee you that it is worth watching.  I learned so many different subjects and ways that would help not only my mother but my family from watching this show that I am a true believer.

After that my mother had to make a choice if she was going to take the chemotherapy treatment or just the natural treatment that I suggested. Now the Oncologist had scared my mother to death giving her 6 months to live without treatment and 12 months with treatment. So my mother choose treatment and to go the natural way with the essential oils also. So that’s what we started in June 2016.

I followed what I had learned on YouTube and got her the Nutrition she was lacking and she has been gaining weight. I have also made up capsules with Essential Oils for her and she takes them every day along with DDR Prime from doTerra that kills Cancer Cells and I giver her a massage on her spine once a week with 9 different essential oils. She absolutely loves the massages.

Now, when we see her Oncologist she tells us that the Cancer should be returning and growing back but it’s still shrinking. She doesn’t understand it! But we do because we are using the Essential Oils. She her Oncologist is unaware of that fact. Mom and I just look at each other and smile. But we also both know that it’s ultimately in the Lords hands.

So with that all being said, I’d like to apologize for not being on my site and posting articles that might have been helpful to each and everyone of you. I am going to work very hard at doing better this year. I will confess that I will be leaving town for about 3 weeks on a vacation to Cabo San Lucus Mexico next week and am so so excited. I am in so need of one! so if I am not posting for a bit you will know why.


Victoria Hudgens

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