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Hello Everyone, 

It’s been awhile since I have been on here updating everyone.  I have been so busy helping my family around me with cancer. Not only my Mother has lung cancer, but my adopted Dad has pancreatic cancer and has lived with us for three years now. My husband Rod usually takes him to all of his treatments and I take care of any major things that come up that need to be handled with doctors or communication. I take Mom to all her treatments and doing her medications and her doTerra Essential Oils. Dad choose not to do any Essential Oils. 

Now remember Mom was diagnosed in 2016 and given 6 months to live and started doTerra Essential Oils. Dad was diagnosed in Jan. of 2017 and we called hospice a week ago last Sunday so that was Aug. 19, 2018.  At one point with Dad’s treatment they could no longer see it on the scans, but it only took three weeks of no treatment and it returned.  So then they added another treatment to the one he was already having and it threw him for a major loop. He wasn’t able to eat and barley drink for three weeks, which is why we put him on hospice. Today he is up and dressed and walking around. But still on comfort care only. 

Now with Mom, her cancer is staying at the same position. She is on Immunotherapy and the cancer and lymph nodes are not growing, but are not shrinking either. To me that is just great! I believe she can continue this was for a very long time because her organs are remaining healthy. 

This week we find out if my husband has lung cancer. He took a pre cancer CT and they found 2 nodules 1 with fingers. There is one on each lung. Doctor stated that it’s possible that it could be scar tissue, but he believes that it’s Adenocarcinoma which is the same lung cancer as my Mother. I have been beside myself. But am praying and still hoping for the best. 

As for me I just took another position on with the church in the Children’s Ministry working with the 2nd and 3rd grade class. I already am very active in Girl Scouts and have been a Volunteer for over 20 years. I have a troop that consist of 24 girls ranging from Kindergartners to Ninth Graders. Along with that I am a PT Nanny and Clean Houses on the side. So I stay really busy.  So please forgive me if my site hasn’t been up to date.  I will work harder at keeping you all informed about new products and developments coming up with cancer. 

Oh forgot to mention that I also have 3 grandchildren that I am pretty active with too.  11 year old Gaige, 3 year old Wyatt and 2 year old Alina. What joy to have new life surrounding you! As always, I hope each and everyone of you reading this are having a great summer and I pray that your fall will be fantastic.

Until next time. 



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